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Fairly Empty 2 is a modification from my previous theme. A very simple theme, an experimental using table-less one column layout, except for the sidebar which I split it into 2. I added a diagonal line background, so it would not look too empty. Only title and the description on the header. The width is quite narrow which is safe for 800px resolution.

The early version is not valid XHTML/CSS and looks crappy when viewed on IE 6 or lower.


  • Fixed width ~700px.
  • 1 column. 2 columns sidebar.
  • Widget ready sidebar.
  • Valid XHTML (I guess).
  • Browser tested: Firefox, Opera, IE7, IE6, IE5, Safari.




fairly_empty_2.zip (Latest 2008-11-08).


  • IE6 & IE5 CSS hack.
  • PNG Fix.
  • Some minor fixes.

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