First of All – WordPress Theme

Ok, be nice and don’t make fun or anything. This is one of my wordpress themes, which I feel good to share it. My favorite, standard size, just below 800px width. Still very rough and I haven’t test it with all these plugins. Well, let me know if you like it.

And, my good friend Riano, posted quite interesting tutorials on how this theme is made: Simple web-layout design (1) and Simple web-layout design (2).


  • Fixed width 800px. Yup, it’s a good idea to worry about the screen resolution.
  • 2 columns.
  • Widget ready sidebar.
  • Valid XHTML (I guess).
  • Browser tested: Firefox, Opera, IE7, IE6, IE5, Safari.



Download (Latest 2008-11-08).


  • Sidebar default content.
  • IE6 & IE5 CSS hack.
  • Minor fixes.

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