Priyadi’s WP IP to Country & Browser Detection Plug-in

This guy is awesome. His blog is really popular and he wrote these simple but useful plug-ins for WordPress. These plug-ins seem not yet very useful to me, because I just started this blog — still very few comments on posts, but it is nice to successfully installed here. The Browser Detection plug-in, it is… Lanjutkan membaca Priyadi’s WP IP to Country & Browser Detection Plug-in

Nge-blog Pake Bahasa Inggris Bisa Gila

Capek juga nulis blog gaya-gayaan pake bahasa orang bule. Akhirnya banyak yang jadi draft aja, ga berkembang, muter-muter aja. Udahlah bahasa inggris gw pas-pasan ga ada bagus-bagusnya, daripada cacat otak, mendingan sekarang gw mulai nulis pake bahasa yang gw ngerti. Tima kasi….

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Pirates 3

I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End at Margo City. Pirates 3 rating is 7.7/10 at this time (IMDB). The special effect was great. And the song at the beginning called “Hoist the Colours” was awesome. It’s like the song of underground scene or something. The plot was not simple, too many… Lanjutkan membaca Pirates 3

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Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

The latest version of one of my favorite linux distribution Ubuntu was released on April 19, 2007. I would like to try it, but until today it still in my download manager list, it hasn’t completed. I don’t think it’s necessary to post a review here, you can find many excellent reviews about Ubuntu at… Lanjutkan membaca Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

NOFX at Pekan Raya Jakarta

I rarely go to a music concert. I mean, just for special occasions like when there were friends and we could hang out and stuff. I had been to some local bands’ gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. The last music concert I attent to was when Netral launched a new album in Bandung and that’s… Lanjutkan membaca NOFX at Pekan Raya Jakarta

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