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I rarely go to a music concert. I mean, just for special occasions like when there were friends and we could hang out and stuff. I had been to some local bands’ gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. The last music concert I attent to was when Netral launched a new album in Bandung and that’s all. But this concert was a big surprise. NOFX at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ).

Cool!!! But there were no decent promotions from Marisi Multimedia (EO that brought NOFX to Jakarta & Bali). Only some little flyers? Even the EO doesn’t have website. Oh, I’d be so damned, I really would regret it if not knowing they would come to Jakarta. Luckily Icha accidentally visited the NOFX website that time and found out that Jakarta was on their tour list.

At first, we thought it would be fun if we could take couple days off to Bali and watch NOFX playing at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). But at D-2 there were no sign at all from Marisi Multimedia that NOFX were going to play in Bali. They said it’s all about security. I didn’t want to take risk so I booked two NOFX tickets (at PRJ). Well, the ticket was actually pretty cheap. It was only Rp.80,000 per person.

I thought there’d be chaos going on if NOFX were playing in Jakarta, moreover it took place in PRJ. But, everything seemed ok, cause there were a lot of cops with canes around. The crowd behaved in a manner and I didn’t see any violence even though some kids there were drunk in public. And ohh, Icha spotted Eno Netral and Edi Brokoli among the audiences.

King Lychee from Hong Kong opened the show. They were like average hardcore band until I noticed that the backing singer was a girl with a mohawk and she growled! Nice. Later on, Fat Mike and gangs came up the stage and everybody was screaming so loud when they first play the first song. Some songs that they played was ‘Dinosours Will Die’, ‘Linoleum’, ‘Don’t Call Me White’, Eat The Meek’, ‘Murder The Government’ etc.

NOFX rocks! Thanks to Marisi Multimedia, the show was great. And the most important thing that we managed to get some NOFX Asia Tour 2007 t-shirt.

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