Mac OS X86 10.4.8 on Acer 3002WTCi

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Mac OS X86 Acer 3002WTCiI recently got a 10.4.8 hacked version of Mac OS X. The previous version installed in my Acer 3002WTCi was 10.4.7. And still the 10.4.8 version is not a perfect match for Acer 3002WTCi. 3002WTCi’s processor is only SSE2, where some Mac applications require SSE3 to run.

The Intel GMA 900 still not supported, I had to put a jumper pin on the VGA port to make it work. BCM5788 network card, Sigmatel audio controller, and the battery meter doesn’t seem to work perfectly. I’m gonna put aside the “I can’t afford a Macbook” thing, but this effort to grab some apple and close all windows still a bad idea.

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  • I read similar article also named Mac OS X86 10.4.8 on Acer 3002WTCi, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me


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